Microsoft is dominant in Desktop operating systems and Applications market. It is known to be the world’s largest software maker by revenue. As such Microsoft is our key partner for the supply of operating systems and applications.

Barracuda Networks

Barracuda is a company that provides network security and storage services to large and small businesses around the world. It provides high quality solutions to your most common IT problems. RoseWare helps our customers access these cost effective solutions for network security, link and load balancing solutions.


APC is world renowned for providing adaptable and integrated solutions to it’s customers. APC solutions are compliant to common customer challenges thus provides easy and integrated solutions to their customers.


Cisco is known for its high technology network hardware and other services provided all over the world. Cisco provides the best solution for organization to stay connected within their organizations and to the outside world in a secure and cost effective method.


HPE provides the technology and solutions to help in your most challenging as well as simple IT problems. HPE helps to make an IT Infrastructure secure efficient and productive. They provide a range of products and solutions that can carters to your ICT requirements in your day to day life and Organizations.


Bitdefender is a world renowned as a trusted security provider. Bitdefender provides unique solution that can secure your organizations IT infrastructure


Citrix provides solution businesses to expand without the hassle of data secure and access. Citrix provides organization to access their data anywhere securely giving organization the freedom and ability to be more productive and innovative.


Optoma is an internationally famous brand for audio and visual solutions. They provide unique, effective and high quality projector technologies as well as sound systems suitable for large businesses and personal use.